Brembo Upgrade Pista

Pista is the best choice for track-oriented cars.

Brembo's Pista range provides a complete race system that is exclusively dedicated to motorsports. They are designed to deliver the best results when used in the most extreme conditions - consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures.

All Brembo racing application products are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world's most prestigious teams and all of these products are designed, track tested and manufactured in-house.

Brembo Pista Caliper Range

The Pista Caliper range offers the first products in a new family of forged racing calipers that have been engineered to offer maximum track and race performance at reduced costs. These new calipers feature the appearance of a monobloc caliper with the cost advantages of a 2 piece forged body.

  • Pista FF is the latest product created especially for the Pista range. This system features a forged design which is the result of many years of design experience from across the world of motorsport. This includes a new distinctive asymmetrical and aerodynamic design.

  • The Pista FX calipers sit at the pinnacle of performance race brake systems; purpose-designed to be used at any desired level of motorsports. Typical systems include billet monobloc calipers with titanium piston inserts for heat defence, and hard anodised or nickel plating for corrosion resistance in the most extreme environments.

  • 6 pistons, 28/32/38 mm (1.10/1.25/1.49”) suitable for disc diameter 356 –380mm (14.01”–14.96”) and disc thickness 32 –36mm (1.26” –1.42”)

  • 4 pistons, 28/30 –36/42 mm (1.10/1.18” –1.41/1.65”) suitable for disc diameter 315 –330mm (12.40”–12.99”) and disc thickness 28mm (1.10”).

Brembo Pista Disc Range

The Pista disc range off three distinct solutions for performance disc brakes. For use on track and in racing competitions, they are the best in class components for your braking set up.

  • The TY5 discs use the latest design of groove machining and offer a good compromise between bite and modulation. The TY5 discs are used in the professional racing level and offer a perfect pedal feel.

  • The TY3 discs are characterized by an aggressive grooves machining that offers high initial response with a smooth pedal feel. The TY3 discs are the most used rotors in the professional racing level and offer high bite and good modulation.

  • The highest performance technology available on the market based on the racing carbon-carbon and the road car ceramic technology combined. The lightest solution ever engineered by Brembo now available in the upgrade catalogue.

Brembo Brake Pads & Brake Fluid

The Brembo Pista RB range of performance brake pads are the perfect pairing for the Brembo Upgrade range of Calipers and Disc Brakes. Brake Fluid is also a key component in the performance of a braking system, and Brembo Racing's HTC64T is the best performing brake fluid on the market.

  • A full range of racing pads: RB 330, RB 340 and RB 350 pads belong to a new family of ceramic-based friction materials, designed specifically for Racing applications, where drivers are looking continuously for high performance from friction components, but are also especially attentive to wear and to consistency in levels of performance.

  • Brembo HTC64T Brake Fluid provides the highest performance and consistency under all racing conditions, with an extremely high dry boiling point of 335°C (635°F). The higher viscosity of this fluid delivers a stiffer pedal and provides stable performance under extreme temperatures. Without exception, this is the best brake fluid available on the market today.

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