The Brembo SPORT pads are designed and tested for sport road use.

Perfect for the first upgrade for any vehicles braking system.


The Brembo Sport HP2000 pads are designed for anyone with a sports ambition on their road vehicle, for anyone who wants the maximum from their cars.

These pads feature high levels of manufacturing quality and use innovative materials that only Brembo can guarantee.

With outstanding performance and a good bite from cold aswell as good braking at low speeds thanks to a special compound that ensures a constant friction throughout the temperature range.

Furthermore the Brembo Sport HP2000 pads to offering enhanced performance, the HP2000 also ensures outstanding quietness and reduced wear and tear, both on the disc and the pad.

HP2000 performance diagram

The Brembo Sport HP2000 pad has a high pedal modulation index which gives total control of braking.

The HP2000 pad will work best between temperatures of 200-300 desgress, but can withstand much higher temperatures up to 600 degrees.

The HP2000 is designed to guarantee outstanding performance whilst maintaing a great comfort level.

These brakes are ideal pads for drivers who want the best from their braking even during everyday use.